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How does it work ?
Click on Browse and choose your file
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Free storage

Host your files online to make them accessible worldwide.

Easy sharing

Share your files easily with friends, colleagues or family.

File management

Delete, rename and organize your files in different folders.

Protection of files

Secure your professional or personal files with a password.

What is PackUpload?

PackUpload is a website, which offers you to host your files on PackUpload’s servers to make them accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world.

Why sign up?

Registration allows you to keep control of the files that you host thanks to the many functions available in your registered member area. It also allows you to increase your upload limits and your downloading speed.

Our service

Our service Member Anonymous
Downloading speed on our servers Maximum Fast
Size limit per file 1 GB 400 MB
Download several files simultaneously Yes Yes
Follow-up of stored files Yes No
Comprehensive and easy to use management interface Yes No
Waiting time before start of downloadings 5 Seconds 15 Seconds
Upload limit per day 20 10
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